White face pink probiotics – Body Boyak Tea Leaf Tibet

October 23, 2018.,

? Will the Super Premium Program be released for the first time only # 2xx
? Extreme incentives for Members up to 70%

Every day, the Mam girls look forward to the new process, it is time to sprout the super products to beautify the Christmas half, right nong

? PINK WHITE Face Microbiological Men (Original Price 890k) only # 383k
?? Member only # 255k

?? WHITE SHOWER Body Boyak Tea Leaf Tibetan (Original Price 950k) only # 389k
?? Member only # 285k

?? More special when 2 shows of Face & Body combine to become a White Combo Super Hot only # 699k
?? Member only # 499k

? In addition, this package of 10 times the face or high-end package is reduced by 60% on the original price for the first 50 lucky customers (Member Priority)

? Talk to her about the use of the two courses that made my heart sobbing over the past days:

? Microbiological Pink Enameled Face: Microbiological Glaze helps to eliminate toxins, whiten the skin thanks to the ability to limit the production of melanin in the body. Therefore, Microbiological Glaze helps skin stay healthy and maintain functional epidermis, prevent and remove wrinkles, blurring dark spots, freckles and tighten pores effectively. Besides, Microbiological Glaze also holds an important position in preventing skin aging, for young skin.

?? White Bath Body Tibetan Boyak Tea Leaf: Knowing the beauty benefits of tea leaves on Tibetan lands is extremely good, because it is dubbed the “first name tea” with the highest altitude on earth . Because the living conditions here are extremely harsh, special tea leaves have many effects to beautify by the high antioxidant content, bring a bright, smooth white beauty for women’s skin.

Boy Boyak Tay Trang Tea Leaf features very good moisturizing, promotes metabolism, nourishes bright skin completely from nature to help skin resist ultraviolet rays and allergy to skin. Controlling the formation of black pigments on the skin, preventing the appearance of dark spots.

? The program began to apply since 24.10.2019, my house, but you can still pocket early for this super course since reading this tip – this. Know what?? The house of the Kindergarten only gives incentives to 50 people who are quickest and luckiest, so what are they waiting for without giving back: 3

? It is still a habit of familiarity when it comes to the hot process of:

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? After the experience, LT remembers to evaluate and check-in at the House House

? Promising her this will be the process of storming in the coming time. Now is the time to prepare yourself from head to toe in one note to “Celebrate Birth”

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