White bath Silk 3 in 1 – 479k

? The source of small living is just one of the White Bathing?

?? ‍♀️ Running face down with deadline but still can not ignore the White Silk Bath 3in1 suitable for all skin types. Listening to the boss shooting rap for not completing the deadline but still happy to give me a bag Will the show love?


With White Silk 3in1 only Bath # 479k (Member: 379k) will be a strong point of any believer who likes 3 elements

?? The Exfoliation Bar:
Exfoliating dead cells with a dense beam absorbs many nutrients that are good for the skin and health. In addition to being a medicine, it also helps to eliminate dead cells, prevent aging, and whiten skin effectively and safely.

?? Herbal Sauna:
Contribute to help skin expand pores, absorb essential nutrients for skin. Just reduce stress, beautiful skin is too convenient in 1 course

?? Brightening Silk By Silk Protein:
Silk protein fiber contains many types of Amin acid with very special effect, has natural moisturizing elements, has very good moisturizing properties, strong permeability and bonding cells. Promote metabolism, make skin healthy, bright and spotless.

⚖️ Applicable program: 11, 12 & 13 September 18

What are some shy people who don’t pick up the phone immediately to call the nearest branch hotline to book a place right away?

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