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Sometimes the little mind about the White Bath

It can be seen clearly that the benefits of full-body white bathing bring about quick results when the women ‘s skin becomes pink and bright. But does the impact of fast or slow depend on the raw materials when used in the course? Follow the Ghost to get a better understanding of the cause.

The effect of White Bath is good or not good?

According to statistics from beauty magazines, our body produces millions of dead cells every day. This is probably not everyone knows, and if you don’t have a lot of skin knowledge, you don’t have much time to take care of yourself, then you suffer too much in conquering this beauty.

Exfoliating and smoothing the skin is one of the important steps of a white bath to help stretch your skin, smooth as your twenties.

And raw materials are one of the core issues that help us answer the above question: “Is White Bath good or not?”

White baths will be really good when we know how to choose natural ingredients and say no to chemicals. Simply when exfoliating with the ingredients in Bach Quy Phi: Ginkgo, chrysanthemum, honey, almonds. Each ingredient uses about 30g and uses fresh milk to provide moisture to the skin during the exfoliating process.

After removing the long-dead cell layer on the skin, you will be steamed with herbs to stimulate pores to expand, absorb the optimal nutrients.

And the most important step of this procedure has arrived, you will be brewing the essence of the North Korean medicine extracted from 89 rare and precious Chinese medicines. The skin becomes smoother and more rosy when it is brewed with Bach Quy Phi essence, besides that, Bach Quy Phi also detoxifies and decomposes melanin under the skin.

With a source of 100% natural materials, it will increase the resistance of the skin, remove the dark spots, pigmentation, and tortoise effectively. You will enjoy the smooth skin like a baby after 90 minutes of purifying the body, detoxifying and impregnating in precious and rare natural herbs extracted from 89 types of herbs, penetrating deeply, safely and effectively. Long-lasting, smooth, pink fruits like twenties.

Let the Ghost tell you about the White Shower steps in the Sprout:

B1: Ginkgo exfoliating skin, chrysanthemum flower, honey, almonds, will fade blemishes. Instantly make your skin smooth like silk, but you will feel the smoothness yourself. Exfoliating at home Germs do not dry your skin or become red, and do not harm your protective barrier, and make your skin softer and smoother thanks to the herbal extracts Rare and precious pharmaceuticals are refined.

B2: Bathe with colostrum, under warm water shower stimulates blood circulation to reduce stress on the skin.

B3: Herbal steam bath, fresh discharge tree & ginger to detoxify the skin, increase resistance and stretch the body pores, helping the exfoliating process to be gently clean white easily absorbed skin Optimal fertilization of Bach Quy Phi.

B4: Relaxing massage on the back creates a feeling of relaxation, ease, circulation of blood vessels.

B5: Applying Compound Essence with massage movements, preventing aging for skin, moisturizing smoothly. Incubate heat in a sealed nylon to penetrate deep inside the cell.

B6: Composting Bach Quy Phi essence in 15p to provide moisture to the skin, nourish healthy skin against dull skin, eliminate deepening of the skin due to scarring, folliculitis, tortoise and black pigments under the skin.

B7: You will take a shower again in warm water once more to stimulate blood circulation to reduce stress on the skin.

B8: Massage the special skin white serum with massage movements and finish the course.

Rice Germ always wants to bring you the confidence and beauty that you deserve in this life. You will be much more attractive if you can love and take care of yourself from simple things. Don’t neglect yourself, put aside all your skills. Practice cherishing and cherishing yourself more than that, because I deserve it.

Mam Gao Spa, Love Yourself From Idyllic Things!

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