White Bath Chinese Medicine Bach Thao Huong

Why are Chinese medicine more likely to help white skin?

Chinese medicine is a widely used medicine in traditional medicine and is made from plants and animals that combine together to treat different diseases. In addition to the treatment of medicinal diseases, it is also used extensively in beauty – white skin beauty treatments with traditional medicine have been used since ancient times.

The reason given is that in northern medicines, there are many rare and important medicinal herbs such as white spirit, spirit restoration, white bones, and essential vitamins such as A, C, E, amino acid … when The nutrient is pushed deep inside to remove layers of darkening cells on the skin surface, stimulating skin regeneration while protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays, slowing down the aging process. chemical, prevent melanin production.

Will white bathing pills be effective, harmful?
The formula of white bath with Chinese medicine comes from 100% natural so it is very safe for skin. In addition to seeing the obvious effect you need to perform regularly and maintain for a long time.

Bach Thao Huong has a charming, gentle and gentle scent that helps relax every time, thanks to the combination of 59 rare herbs. In particular, there are some very valuable medicinal herbs that regenerate the skin effectively, against aging and skin-damaging agents. Gives smooth, youthful skin.

Process of “Bach Thao Huong” course

Step 1: Exfoliate dead skin with some green tea herbs, oats, pure honey, licorice, olive oil, mineral salts, pentagonal … with pure fresh milk to provide moisture and substances Essential nutrition for skin.

Step 2: Bathe with colostrum, under warm shower to stimulate blood circulation to reduce stress for the skin.

Step 3: Herbal sauna to detoxify the skin, increase resistance and dilate the body pores. The skin easily absorbs the Essence of Aromatherapy Perfume.

Step 4: Relaxing massage on the back to create a feeling of relaxation, comfort, circulation of blood vessels.

Step 5: Apply the Essence with massage movements to prevent skin aging and keep it moist. Incubate airtight plastic to penetrate deep inside the cell.

Step 6: Incubate the Essence of Aromatherapy in 15p to balance the moisture for the skin, and make your skin smoother and smoother thanks to the delicate combination of rare herbs

Step 7: You will take a shower again in warm water once more to stimulate blood circulation to reduce stress on the skin

Step 8: Massage the special skin white serum with massage movements and finish the course.

Có những ngày mọi thứ tưởng như thật tồi tệ nhưng khi biết yêu quý bản thân mình, bạn sẽ tập trung vào những mặt tươi sáng và tích cực thay vì những thứ khiến bạn chán nản hay phiền muộn.

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