Rejuvenating With The Heat Face Cold Yeast Algae

Long rejuvenation thanks to the Japanese seaweed method

Japanese scientists have studied in marine algae that have some effective darkening agents, balancing the brightness of the skin, regenerating the layers of aging skin, restoring and preventing wonderful aging. . Therefore, women at the age of nearly 30 need to prioritize the care of skin at risk of aging because of the age, resilience of the skin and non-flowery activities, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and pants Deep eyelids and crow’s feet, melasma began to gradually appear. And the secret of skin rejuvenation that Japanese people always use to cope with time is the seaweed “Yeast Algae” mask.

Yeast algae are extracted from Japanese seaweed, where algae grow the most healthy. Yeast algae is a great care method, providing the skin with the necessary nutrients to quickly regenerate and prevent aging for effective skin.

Effect of Yeast Algae

Yeast algae works to reduce the aging of the skin, nourish the young skin and minimize the wrinkles on the face. Algae mucus has a long permeability, extremely good moisture on the skin, helps skin elastic quickly. Ingredients in Algae help skin firm, smooth, reduce the phenomenon of rough skin is not smooth.

In order to argue with the unsatisfactory skin, Thach Y Algae is the perfect choice of beauty believers.

Raw material used in Raw Process

Olive oil: Not only works with health, the effect of olive oil is also known as one of the medicinal herbs with special abilities in women’s beauty care. Olive oil is also effective in removing makeup, cleansing the skin, providing moisture to the skin.
Yogurt: Exfoliate with yogurt for smooth skin like baby skin, cleansing on the epidermis and deep inside.
Brown sugar: Exfoliating dead cells with brown sugar has just cleaned gently on the lip area and also provides moisture to help lips tighten, blurring blemishes.
Yeast Algae Mask: Restores, regenerates skin, increases elasticity, prevents wrinkles effectively

Cold Facial Rejuvenation Process Cold Yeast Algae

Step 1: Perform a make-up with pure olive oil to clean the dirt or cosmetic nutrients on your face.

Step 2: Exfoliating the skin with honey yogurt to remove dirt on the skin that still clings after removing makeup, eliminating toxins while helping the skin absorb maximum nutrients.

Step 3: Exfoliating bar in the lips with brown sugar, coconut oil to provide moisturizing for the lip skin area to increase the succulent, and at the same time, effectively remove stains.

Step 4: Herbal facial steam with the right temperature to expand the pores, easy to absorb the bran and dirt. At the same time, allow the skin to penetrate the maximum nutrients when applying the mask of Algae Y.

Step 5: Suction sebum and acne bran deep cleanses pores, promoting oxygen exchange.

Step 6: Relax essential oils

Step 7: Massage and press acupuncture points with pure grape seed oil, help circulate blood throughout the facial muscles, nourish and provide moisture to the skin. Combined with the “intensive muscle massage” along with the circular movements, it increases the elasticity of the skin, hunting and stretching the wrinkled skin areas, flying the wrinkles on the face effectively. .

Step 7: With the 10 DEGREE COLD TEMPERATURE FORMULA, the Sheath Algae mask in Shuang Rice is sure to give people a completely new experience of Nature.

Step 8: Absolutely relax with the head massage – shoulder – neck – hands with almond oil for comfort, blood circulation, relieve the feeling of fatigue after a day of activity ..

Step 9: After the dried algae layer stretches the upper part of the face, gently remove the Algae layer and relax with the movements of the cold towel – pressing acupressure on the tightening of the pores.

Minor note: You should not wash your face after applying the Heat Mask Cold Yeast Algae, so that nutrients of Algae absorb on the skin from 20-30 minutes.

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