TOP 50 Trust Brands 2018

Alternating joy is the pride when Mam Gao was voted in the Top 50 Prestige Brand of High Quality Service ProductsI – 2018.

Actually, Mam didn’t know what to say but this deep “Thank you” to everyone who has been loving the Mam Gao. Thank you for your confidence in the Mam Gao brand since the early days still trusted to deliver the mission of beautifying you.

On the way to build the brand, Mam Gao still makes daily efforts to maintain the criterion “a Mam Gao that is friendly to nature and professional to Customers”. The goal of Mam Gao is not only to provide the best quality, the best price, but also the comfortable service and absolute satisfaction of the Customer.

That is why the whole family of Mam always try their best, complete the target well and excel rather than cultivate the germ itself to be perfect for customers to come to Mam Gao just to relax. , is the most peaceful.

And once again, the Kindergarten “Sincere Thank You” Department of Intellectual Property has provided enthusiastic support in the process of surveying customers with all Customers who have been and are preparing to accompany Mam Gao with words promised to continue conquering the journey from Good to Perfect.

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