Tà Năng I LOVE


Mam Gao had heard the sharing of a friend in the Blessed Association that: “Are you feeling bored?” Desperate? Injury? So go to charity, you will happily love life and live more actively. “. Mam Gao see that absolutely right.

People keep saying, must have ” Duyen” to find each other. And Mam Gao is very fortunate to be given by the Association of Volunteers to give me the “Gathering Wind of Saigon Cho Em” in Ta Nang – Phan Dung. The word ” Duyen”  has helped Sprout send small gifts to us but it is big for poor children.



See the school of the village, no flag, no fan, no luxurious things like the school in the city, a sour feeling somewhere in the chest suddenly surges. How can I catch the happy eyes for gifts, mischief when organizing games that they have never known before?

The image of the children with their dirty faces, the hair is not neatly tied, dirty clothes are baggy because of the lack of but with the clear eyes, the bright smile has imprinted in many people’s minds.

They feel happy because of the concern of everyone in the Association of Volunteers, because they have never been so loved. Hopefully, this small gift will help them forget a part of the difficulties that only highland children understand and try to study well.

Perhaps this will be an unforgettable memory of your childhood and also an unforgettable memory of Mam ❤️

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