Shaving Heel And Applying Paraffin Legs

“Women must be beautiful”, the more beautiful they are, the more confident they will be, the more likely they will be. But even though you have skillfully cared for yourself, you still forget the extremely important areas, that is the “foot”. Why is it so important?

Because in the soles of the feet there are more than 7200 menstrual cord and more than 2000 endocrine glands combined with arteries, veins and the brain. So the soles of the feet are special areas that need proper care, according to traditional medicine, the soles of the feet are the miniature system of all the five organs, so caring for a healthy foot is to take care Your whole body. Then…

How to care for “feet” properly?

There are many care methods on the market and one of them is the “heel planing and foot paraffin” method.

How is this process?

Does the heel and the paraffin wax last for 60 minutes. With the effect of smoothing the skin, strengthening the vascular system to circulate blood, promote brain nervous system to reduce stress effectively. At the same time regenerate the skin, nourish the skin from the inside of the foot. In addition, it has the effect of eliminating toxins in the body, reducing sweat in the soles of the feet, supporting a number of bone and joint diseases effectively.

The procedure of this therapy includes the following steps:

Step 1: Soak the herb foot with some natural ingredients such as lemongrass, medicinal herbs, maple, cinnamon, carpentry, honeysuckle … Soaking feet in herbs with warm temperatures will help circulate effective blood, stress relief, bringing comfort and comfort.

Step 2: Remove dead skin on the foot surface with natural ingredients such as herbs, licorice, green tea, five-color seeds, vitamin C, mineral salts, olive oil … Help clean skin to Can absorb the maximum nutrients.


Step 3: Shaving the heel to remove the dry, hard skin, helping to regenerate the skin on the feet soft and healthy.

Step 4: Massage gently with almond oil with the effect of providing moisture to the skin effectively, with rhythmic movements to circulate blood vessels. Pressing the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet according to the Thai healing method, it feels comfortable and supports some bone and joint diseases, helping blood flow to the brain.

Step 5: Apply paraffin wax, spread the paraffin wax evenly over the skin so that the wax penetrates the epidermis of the skin with sufficient warm temperature. Help accelerate the process of regenerating new skin, enhance skin elasticity. Incubate in plastic bags for 20-30 minutes to dry paraffin wax.

Step 6: Remove the dry wax and wipe it with a hot towel, so that the skin is re-stimulated. At this time, the skin has enough nutrients, pinky and smooth. You should apply the cream right now to maintain the skin’s moisture.

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