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? People often say that, Saigon is only two seasons. A season is a hot season, and a hot season is too hot. It’s hot and angry with people.
?? Then something that calls the wind for my hair to fly, calling the sun for my shoulder is thin and cutting the wind 100%. Trying hair that is beautiful and windy is a strange thing to see, not to mention the sun, but it is clear that the darkness of darkness is gradually pulling to this skin. Thin shoulders wait for you, Trinh Cong Son will sing for you?
ThìThen how do you train yourself to be able to cope with all the dangers harmful to your skin? Simply put, just stop at the house and drop the bag “CHOOSE 1 RECEIVED 6” to make the skin protection barrier the fastest way.
⏩ “CHOOSE 1 RECEIVED 6” only with # 489k (Member # 439k) must say super hot and duck cake

: Special: Package 10l Data Package only # 4.3tr
? Vitamin C Purification
Exfoliating with Vitamin C will absorb many nutrients that are good for skin and human health. In addition to being a nutritious drink, it also helps to eliminate dead cells, prevent aging, and whiten skin effectively and safely.
? Herbal Sauna
Herbal sauna helps to unclog pores, excrete toxins in the body not only due to the heat and steam outside but also through the sweat from the inside. As a result, the skin will be smooth, reduce acne, the body becomes relieved, relaxed, reduces joint pain, muscle, stress relief.
? Incubate WHITE SNAIL Essences
Bach Nhat Hong is a treatment made from the essence of a snail, selected and processed through extremely harsh treatment, prepared according to the standard process to produce the most special snail essence. Suitable for all skin types, does not irritate, regenerate and fight aging for the skin effectively, keeping skin as smooth as a baby.
? 10p Back Massage
Back massage is one of the most effective methods for reducing stress and at the same time providing a refreshing feeling to the mind
? Rejuvenating Facial Massage
With 100% natural ingredients with scientifically-enhanced Facial Lift Massage movements, it effectively delivers not only nourishment from deep within the epidermis and restores skin elasticity. Hitting the dark spots, wrinkles on the skin will gradually disappear for smooth, naturally pink and white skin.
? Applying a Smooth Brighten Mask of Oats
Known Oats with specialized treatment for dark pigmentation caused by UV rays. Not only that, oats also moisturize the skin, help smooth skin, reduce the oxidation of tissues, slow down aging, creating a structure of healthy skin and beautiful young.
? What are you waiting for, but don’t quickly book your place to enjoy the stress-compensating days?
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? After experiencing LT, customers remember to check in and check in at the house
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Mam Gao Spa, Loving Yourself From Idyllic Things ..!
? Phan Xich Long branch: 118D Phan Xich Long, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan district
☎: 0917 311 318 – 028 39 955 318
? Orchids Branch: 69 Orchids, P2, Q. Phu Nhuan
☎️: 0917 311 318 – 028 39 955 318
? Binh Thanh Branch: 135/47 Nguyen Huu Canh, P.22, Q. Binh Thanh
☎️: 0917 75 75 09
Can Tho branch: 23B Mau Thuan, P. Xuan Khanh, Q. Ninh Kieu
☎: 0917 678 393 – 029 2374 8829

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