Pure White Bath Bach Nhat Hong Snail

No need to advertise, everyone knows the intense attraction of a spotless white skin for girls. If you are also looking forward to it, then be assured, bright white skin is not really “difficult” as you think.

Beauty from natural ingredients 100% herbs, will help regenerate the skin of the girls in a very effective way, the skin becomes white and pink after a few times to take care, bring skin to overflow full of life.

The secret is white bath therapy from essences of snails “Bach Nhat Hong”

So how is Bach Nhat Hong a therapy and does it really work miraculously?

From thousands of old snails have been used in traditional Chinese medicine because there are many salty, welding, nutritious, detoxifying heat, according to the book “Nam Duoc Than Hieu”, the mucus of the snail is missed, acne on the skin and wound healing. And Bach Nhat Hong is a treatment made from the essence of the snail, selected and passed the extremely harsh treatment process, prepared in accordance with the standard process to produce the most special snail essence. . Suitable for all skin types, does not irritate, regenerate and fight aging for the skin effectively, keeping skin as smooth as a baby.

Snail mucus stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helps to retain moisture and repair damaged cells. It also helps protect skin from wrinkles, acne, redness, melasma, burns, scars and warts

With a source of 100% natural materials, it will increase the resistance of the skin, remove the dark spots, pigmentation, and tortoise effectively. You will enjoy the smooth skin like a baby after 90 minutes of purifying the body, detoxifying and impregnating in rare snail essence. Penetrating deeply, safe, long-term effectiveness, pinky white like twenties.

Let Mos tell you about the White Bath steps in the Sprout

Step 1: Use some herbal ingredients such as licorice, ginseng, chrysanthemum flower, honey of pure forest … to remove dead skin cells. Cleansing the dead dead epidermis, removing dark burnt layers, combined with fresh milk ingredients to provide moisture and essential nutrients for the skin.

Step 2: Bathe with concentrated colostrum for smooth skin.

Step 3: Herbal sauna to detoxify the skin, increase resistance and dilate the body pores. Helps exfoliate gently. The skin easily absorbs optimal Bach Nhat Hong essence.

Step 4: Relaxing massage on the back to create a feeling of relaxation, comfort, circulation of blood vessels.

Step 5: Apply the Essence with massage movements to prevent skin aging and keep it moist. Incubate heat in a sealed nylon to penetrate deep inside the cell.

Step 6: Essence enhancement Bach Nhat Hong in 15p to provide moisture to the skin, nourish healthy skin against darkening. Eliminate deepening of the skin due to scarring, folliculitis, tortoise and black pigments under the skin.

Step 7: You will take a shower again in warm water once more to stimulate blood circulation to reduce stress on the skin.

Step 8: Massage the special skin white serum with massage movements and finish the course.

Mam Gao always wants to bring you the confidence and beauty that you deserve in this life. You will be much more attractive if you can love and take care of yourself from simple things. Don’t neglect yourself, put aside everything. Practice cherishing and cherishing yourself more than that, because I deserve …

Mam Gao Spa, Love Yourself From Idyllic Things!


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