Pressing Oriental Medicine Eye

People often think acupuncture points are for healing, but actually, acupuncture points are also effective in preserving beauty, improving skin efficiency and fighting against aging. According to traditional medicine, on our faces there are many acupuncture points such as: acupressure, acupressure, acupuncture points, acupuncture points, acupuncture points, acupuncture points far away … Each acupuncture point has its own use, helping to improve skin and reduce stress effectively. Since then, the skin rejuvenation therapy by the method of pressing acupressure points has been born with the name: “Eye Deepening”

  • Intensive eye area therapy with basic acupuncture points on the face, reducing stress effectively, brightening skin, preventing aging effectively.

    The effect of a few acupuncture points

    Tu Lieu Copper Vein: very effective in reducing wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, treating headaches, or treating eye-related conditions such as: easy tearing, nearsightedness in teenage years, cataracts, Hemorrhagic retina, optic nerve withered. In addition, Dong Tu Lieu acupressure also helps to reduce dark circles around the eyes extremely effectively because it helps blood circulation around the eyes work better.
    Huyet Ti Truc No: helps regulate circulation around the eyes better, clears blood circulation, blood circulation is better, good toxic waste around the eyes helps the eyes get more nutrition. For people with weak or older eyes, regular ventricular massage will not make the eyes brighter, the skin around the eyes will maintain elasticity, smoothness and reduce wrinkles where the corners are extremely effective.
    Octopus Vented: if stimulation is a lot, it will make the heat radiate, stimulate and improve blood circulation to make skin brighter. Because of this side-effect, today many girls actively massage the acupuncture points of Duong Bach with the hope of helping white and brighter skin.

Vented scent: works to clear the nose, stimulates rescue, very effective for people with sinusitis and nasopharyngeal diseases.
The process of intensive eye implementation

Step 1: Exfoliating skin with honey yogurt to remove dirt on the skin, eliminating toxins while helping skin absorb maximum nutrients.

Step 2: Smell relaxing essential oils, make the spirit more comfortable.

Step 3: Day and press the acupuncture points in the eye area with sufficient force to bring maximum effect.

Step 4: Apply the eye mask with green tea to relax the eye, besides checking also helps reduce dark circles of eyes, excretion and eliminates toxins effectively.

Step 5: Clean the surface and finish the procedure.

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