Poisonous Bamboo Charcoal Facial Massage

It seems that activated carbon is no longer strange to beauty believers. It is used in many household appliances such as water purifiers, kitchen hoods, air conditioner deodorants, activated carbon shoe lining, activated carbon pillows, activated carbon mattresses … But most especially, must Including the application of beauty from activated carbon, the main concern of beauty believers is here.

Why is poisonous discharge of bamboo charcoal considered as a miracle medicine for oily skin and acne skin ???

In the hot and sunny weather conditions, as in Vietnam, the problems of oily skin and acne skin always make women lose sleep. Worse, when the skin becomes degraded and becomes rough and dull, many women abuse the make-up to hide the disadvantages of the skin. Thus, the environmental contaminants, sediment due to makeup will accumulate and deep down pores clog pores, dermatitis, skin aging quickly.

So where is bamboo charcoal used ???

Bamboo charcoal taken from bamboo is the type of activated carbon that is actually burned at temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius
And to get the finished product is a bamboo charcoal that deodorizes the odor in nature. Farmers have to choose for the age range of 3-5 years and older.

The effect of bamboo charcoal when using beauty ???

Bamboo charcoal is unique, these crystals penetrate deep into the pores, remove dust and blackheads. Helps oily oily skin but does not dry with moisturized skin. Not only that, bamboo charcoal also treat acne, anti-inflammatory, clean deep, unclog pores, clean up the dirt of lead thanks to active carbon components. And the importance of bamboo charcoal that every believer wants is to clean the skin to remove sebum deep in pores and remove makeup after makeup.

Benefits of facial massage combined with activated bamboo charcoal

Facial massage is not only a therapy that helps to rejuvenate the skin but also a skin exercise to help lift the face naturally. Stimulates better blood circulation, supports antioxidant, aging and wrinkle removal on the face. In addition, active bamboo charcoal cleans deep, clears pores, removes dust and dirt of lead thanks to active carbon components, but also nourishes skin. Helps skin become smooth white.

Process of Carbon Exfoliating Facial Massage

Step 1: Perform a make-up with pure olive oil to clean up the dirt or cosmetic nutrients on your face

Step 2: Exfoliating the skin with honey yogurt to remove dirt on the skin that still clings after removing makeup, eliminating toxins while helping the skin absorb maximum nutrients

Step 3: Remove dead skin cells with brown sugar, coconut oil

Step 4: Face steam

Step 5: Suction sebum and acne bran deep cleanses pores, promoting oxygen exchange

Step 6: Relax essential oils

Step 7: Massage, pressing acupuncture points to help blood circulation in the facial skin with grape seed oil

Step 8: Wipe your face with a hot towel and apply a mask

Step 9: Massage your head 10p

Step 10: Wipe the mask and finish the procedure

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