Paraffin Hand Massage

One of the best details of the body is the hands, but every day your hands have to do as many things as possible, hard to avoid wear and tear. So it is necessary to take care of the hands, and in professional nail salons, there is often the method of hand paraffin filling, to support the process of skin regeneration and smoothing the skin effectively.

So what is paraffin wax?

Paraffin is extracted from oils of natural, odorless, water-insoluble herbs, the properties of paraffin are elastic and concentrated.

Paraffin is a method of using hot and liquefied wax that directly affects the skin, dilating pores and thereby making the wax easy to penetrate into the skin. Paraffin increases circulation, refreshes tissues from the inside out in two ways:

– Increase moisture from outside thanks to osmosis process of oil essence into skin.

– Increase circulation of blood in the skin, help rejuvenate skin from inside.

How is this paraffin?

The course is done within 30 minutes. Including 4 steps as follows:

Step 1: Hand massage with essential oils of almond extract to provide moisture for hand skin with a rhythmic effect to help circulate blood vessels, enhance moisture and elasticity for the skin.


Step 2: Next, you can apply warm paraffin as a special mask for your hands. The heat and nutrients from paraffin will be absorbed into the skin to increase moisture, nourish the cells, and give back the smoothness of the hands. Limit wrinkles and reduce green tendons. Apply wax and incubate with plastic for 20-30 minutes.

Step 3: While waiting for dry paraffin and moisturizing effect, relax listening to music. Heat radiates like massage therapy, relaxes the muscles and nourishes the skin from the inside. After about half an hour, dry paraffin will be removed. At this time, the skin has enough nutrients, pinky and smooth.

Step 4: Feel the skin after being recreated, smooth and brighter at the beginning thanks to keeping the heat warm during the treatment, but the paraffin hot mask has the effect of deepening the essence into the epidermis. . Enhance blood circulation, improve metabolism, enhance skin elasticity.


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