Offer for her on October 20


?? Men are thinking what this 20/10 will give to women, what do you understand? In the near future, Vietnamese Women’s Day will be 20/10, who does not want to give the women that they love the gifts that are surprisingly meaningful. Women are born to be cared for, loved and loved, not only that but always beautiful as flowers ??

? Please stop thinking about what to do to get tired, Mos understands all your thoughts, so he has already prepared the gifts, so why not hesitate to come to the house?

? When coming to the Mosquito house with a group of women with 2 or more people, she will be selected one of two very attractive programs:

? 30% off on total bill or #team of her can be purchased 01 order material only # 2k

? Why, not so soulful, so attractive, what are you waiting for, don’t immediately contact Mos to put this course on 20/10 for her to go. Just giving a meaningful gift, while helping her woman more beautiful, she does not love you more, it is quite strange.

? Well, forget it, also, the Sprouts will give 40% more when buying gift voucher and especially when joining the house members, they will be allowed to buy <500k only with # 2k only. Smallly speaking, the program is only valid until October 21, 2018, when I stop talking, I see all of this program, that’s it, it’s really good, hurry up!

? Cmt guest #mamgaospa # 2010 and tag any of his 3 friends
? Guests like and share post Fanpage
? After experiencing the completed procedure, please remember to check in and check in at the house
————————————————– ———–
Mam Gao Spa, Loving Yourself From Idyllic Things ..!
? Orchids Branch: 69 Orchids, P2, Q. Phu Nhuan
☎️: 0917 311 318 – 028 39 955 318
? Binh Thanh Branch: 135/47 Nguyen Huu Canh, P.22, Q. Binh Thanh
☎️: 0917 75 75 09
Can Tho branch: 23B Mau Thuan, P. Xuan Khanh, Q. Ninh Kieu
☎: 0917 678 393 – 029 2374 8829

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