Member Ship September

? Happy holidays too forget your skin needs to be taken care of. Now take advantage of referring to the side-by-side procedure card to retouch the skin within 1 note?

Bản Basic 20 times ?? 3.9tr

Cấp Advanced

? 10 times Face 690k ?? 3.8tr

10 times Body 690k ?? 3.9tr

? 10 times Face & Body ?? 6.9tr (Except for Oom)

Couple Couple Card? only ?? 4.5tr
?? For Love Package Only 900k / time (Original Price 1,599k)

⏳ Try to squeeze the bottom of your heart, telling yourself that you will be diligent to be beautiful. Being so lazy, I only know how to look at other people, how long is my life and how long it is

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