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From thousands of years, the frequency of female beauties is famous for their excellent talents because they always keep the youthful and beautiful features, although time has gradually faded many things. So what is the secret to help them become beautiful and young? With a unique traditional secret in Vietnam, Rice Sprouts Spa has researched and put into beauty treatments here. When you come to experience the Royal Citrus Face Massage, Rice Sprout will bring you a smooth, bright white skin, recreating the new vitality and youthful features of spring time.

Uses the Royal Palace
Formulated from 59 rare and precious Chinese medicines, the Royal Blue Aroma mask not only has a bright white skin effect, acne treatment also has the ability to circulate blood, helping the skin to glow and glow. Therefore, there is no place in Saigon where there is still a place to rest assured when you encounter stress.

Process “Royal Palace”
Step 1: Remove makeup with olive oil

Step 2: Exfoliate with yogurt

Step 3: Remove dead cells with brown sugar and virgin coconut oil

Step 4: Herbal sauna and acne

Step 5: Massage the acupuncture points of face and eyes

Step 6: Apply the mask of the Royal Palace

Step 7: Wash your face with warm water

Step 8: Apply sunscreen and finish the course

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