Full body combo 4in1

?? The type of guy that always knows every corner of the beauty area is 100% auto drop the hearing always. For example, accidentally lost the way, asked, “Brother, I don’t know the way of flowers in Phu Nhuan. Can you point me to the Rice Sprout Spa in Orchids to be kissed? ”

? Stomach tucking in his body knew that the address of 69 Hoa Lan was always there, only that she would come to the place and the house of the Mầm purchase to give her a Full Body Combo package of 4in1 that sounded like a fever. Naturally, I found myself “Ga – tomb” and scored points in the opponent’s eyes very hard: 3

? It is known that the 4in1 Full Body Combo is within sight of the beautician. Hey yahh this will definitely be the poison of the guys then nehhh

? Exhilarating Combo only # 389k (Member # 349k)

? Intensive Facial Massage
? Toxic Waste
? Applying Bamboo Charcoal Mask
? Vitamin C Purification

?? Combo WHITE Tinh Khoi only # 699 (Member # 499k)

? Face Lift Massage
? Applying Microbiological Men Mask
? 10 ‘Back Massage
? WHITE Bath Body Boyak Tea Leaf Tibetan

? Relaxation Combo – Rejuvenation only # 369k (Massage Body 75 ‘Member)

? Massage Lift Muscle
? Covering the Saphire Cold Stone Mask
? Head Massage 15 ‘
? Body Massage 45 ‘

? Loosen your body in an absolute state of relaxation. You will be immersed with herbal balm and hot stones. When the massage staff works, the oil will penetrate deeply into the skin, helping to nourish the skin more smooth and strong. The skillful massage movements, pressing the acupuncture points professionally, plus the gentle scent in the room will help you to relieve the emotions and quickly relieve the aches and pains in the body.

? Waiting for something and not hurrying to return to “hearing” for me to be a gift for her half: 3

? Cmt guests #khongnhantip and tag 02 of any of your friends
? Customers like and share post Fanpage
? After experiencing LT, customers remember to check in and check in at the house

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