Feather waxing (mustache / armpit / hand / leg)

What is feather waxing?

Fur waxing is a very effective and popular hair removal method. This method can have positive effects on the skin, as it acts as a form of exfoliation. Besides, there are still some beauty believers who use tweezers and razors to remove the violin. But this usually takes a lot of effort and is not very effective.

The effectiveness of Waxing

Waxing will remove all the hair under the skin surface immediately. It becomes an effective method for small areas of the face or any part of the body. When applying wax to the haired area, the adhesion of the wax will ensure the removal of the hair completely. Your skin definitely becomes soft, smooth and bright.

1. Remove dead skin

Waxing creates smooth, bright skin for a long time: waxing works by removing hair from the root. In the process, wax also cleanses the skin by removing a layer of dead skin. This makes the skin bright and smooth for weeks. This is one of the reasons wax is superior to other hair removal methods.

2. The hair grows back slower

Waxing is more effective than a razor because it helps to take root hairs away. Hair follicles also need more time to regrow and in particular, not all hair follicles grow back.

3. Sparse hair grows

When you waxing regularly instead of using a razor, you will notice that the hair grows back sparse and lighter. Because many hair follicles do not continue to grow hair again. Accordingly, the time you have to waxing next time will be longer.

4. Waxing cả lông mày

Most girls often use tweezers to pull eyebrows. However, eyebrow waxing will be more effective to help you shape your eyebrows as you wish.

5. No skin irritation

Using a razor will sometimes cause your skin to become red, painful, and even leave cuts. Conversely, if you do waxing properly, you will see less pain and skin irritation. Redness only lasts a few minutes after waxing and will disappear soon after.

6. Suitable for both men

Do you know, waxing is not just for women, but for men too. If you want to improve your “dense” situation, you can try waxing. Make sure you will be much more confident, believe in Sprouts.

Hair waxing process at “Rice Sprout Spa”

Step 1: Clean the area of ​​the skin that needs wax with warm water, then cover with a little chalk to help smooth the skin.

Step 2: Use a stick to get a sufficient amount of wax applied to the area of ​​the waxing area.

Step 3: Put waxing paper on the waxed skin and gently squeeze it.

Step 4: When the wax is dry, gently pull waxing paper in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Step 5: Cover a layer of straw powder for the waxing area and finish the procedure.

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