Deeply Remove Bikini / Buttocks / Underarms

The bikini skin is considered to be discreet on the woman’s body, rarely exposed. However, when blackened, it greatly affects the aesthetics and causes many problems in daily life, reducing sexual desire, not daring to wear favorite costumes, especially bikini or fashion. sexy swimsuit.

What causes the private area to become dark?

  • Sex: Sex is the leading cause that makes the bikini skin no longer look white and smooth. When intermittent intermittent frequency persists, the skin around the “girl” is frequently rubbed, the cells on the skin surface are darkened.
    Due to pregnancy: During the period before and after the pregnancy of female sex hormones is disturbed, stimulates subcutaneous melanin to form, so this problem also causes deepening of the vagina.
    Genetics: According to the results of scientific studies, the private area is darkened by genetics from parents, grandparents or blood relatives. This cause is very high.
    Wearing tight panties: Many women often buy underwear of the wrong size, underwear too tight to wear will make blood blood difficult to circulate, forming black pigments makes the skin discoloration, darker than the area other skin. In order for the bruise to be quickly blurred and never penetrate again, avoid wearing underwear made of nylon or synthetic fabric and wearing tight underwear. Instead, you should wear underwear made of breathable cotton fabric and highly hygroscopic. Every day should be cleaned clean area and exfoliating 1-2 times a week

Although not affecting health, but the status of sensitive areas with dark and less smooth, aesthetic causes a great psychological pressure on women. Owning a full and attractive round 3, many women are still very inferior, do not dare to wear bikini, especially feel uncomfortable with their boyfriend or husband. The cause comes from the secret, difficult to say of women, that is the sensitive skin area is dark, dull …

The general state that women will meet

Sad to not wear the wings you love, it will reveal a lack of charm.
Uneasy in married life, easy to cause internal “problems” in the family.
Stupid to share with people around, find ways to handle but the results are not as expected
Deep treatment of bikini / buttocks / armpits from nature at “Mam Gao Spa”

Step 1: Cleaning with specialized solution for each deep area

Step 2: Use pure sea salt in combination with essential oils to help brighten the darkened area

Step 3: Clean the toilet again with specialized solution.

Step 4: Apply a particularly bright white mask to the dark areas, incubated with ingredients from lemon, mint, oats … and some other herbal ingredients in a delicate combination.

Step 5: You will have a relaxing head massage while applying a mask

Step 6: Wipe off the mask and apply a light, bright white lotion, providing the necessary moisture after treatment

Minor considerations to avoid sensitive areas from being darkened

Regularly clean, clean the enclosed area with feminine cleaning solutions, especially in the “red light” stage.
Keep the enclosed area clean and clean.
Minimize wearing sweatpants, raw materials

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