Copper Price Combo 459k

Anyway, there’s a hot COMBO BUFFET half way, only # 459k / 1 time (Member: 389k).
 Poisonous Combo – Purification:
Bamboo Charcoal Facial Massage, Massage Body 45p

Bleach Bar – Combo:
Massage 45p Body, Purifying Vitamin C, Brightening Milk Rice

Refined White Combo:
Facial Massage Rice Milk, Thanh Bleaching Rice Bran
Bach Quy Phi White Incubator

Package 10 times # 3tr8
Package 5 times # 2tr5

As a natural love ear, say no to cosmetics, Rice Germ is always the first choice when thinking about beauty. COMBO BUFFET this time gives people a new breath when the rotation of work pressure is not described, it is the key to help recharge the abundant energy, really stressful, relaxed communes.

By natural ingredients such as rice bran, oats, bamboo charcoal … will balance the moisture for the skin optimally. Gives smooth, pinky, smooth skin like twenties. And the skin is always shimmering like every girl dreams. Ask how not to be tired of being tired

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