Body Mask – 250K

Several Mindfulness Lines
A flawless white skin is always the desire of many girls. The best way to whiten skin is to use herbs, precious natural ingredients to remove horny cells, dead skin and nourish white skin from the inside. Therefore, herbal body care is the unique beauty secret combining natural precious ingredients with lots of vitamins useful for skin care …

Like the body, after a stressful day of work, your skin also becomes tired. Plus thousands of bacteria, dirt, sweat “cling” increased the feeling of heavy on the skin. If you do not plan treatment, the skin will gradually age and the day deteriorates.

Nourishing Nature
Synthesis of rare herbs from nature Your skin will be nourished and white without sunburn. Thanks to the incubation process, the nutrients will slowly absorb from the bottom of the dermis, helping to prevent the secretion of melanin pigment, providing moisture, stimulating the development of collagen fibers, anti-aging and darkening. skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

These vitamins focus on nourishing skin cells from the inside, stimulating new skin cells to form and replace old skin cells, inhibiting the proliferation of pigment spots that help the skin become white and healthier.

“Body Care”
Step 1: Nourish tropical fruits or natural seeds to moisturize your skin, and make your skin softer and smoother thanks to the ingredients extracted from herbs.

Step 2: Incubate herbal essence in 20p

Step 3: Bathe in warm shower to stimulate blood circulation, reduce stress for skin.

Step 4: Apply a special white skin lotion with a massage and finish the procedure.

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