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✅Surface of probiotics (original price 850k)
OdyBody high-class silk (original price 750k)
Let’s take a look at the two services above
Ược Known as a healthy bacteria. White pink face Men Probiotics have the effect of detoxifying, whitening the skin, thanks to the ability to limit melanin production in the body.
☑️ Probiotics help keep the skin healthy and maintain a functional epidermis.
☑️ Prevent and remove wrinkles, fade pigmentation, freckles and tighten pores extremely effectively.
☑️ Besides, Probiotics holds an important position in preventing skin aging, keeping the skin looking youthful.
???????? Silk White Body Wash (also known as Silkworm) to bring the effect the first time used.
ProteinThe protein fiber in silk contains many amino acids with moisturizing properties that increase skin elasticity, stimulate the absorption of nutrients, exfoliate pigmentation.
Ết Combining 5 steps of comprehensive care, Silk bath at Mam not only cleanses skin, does not dry, but also nourishes cells that produce quickly, bring complete pink white skin.
To enjoy the offer, guests only need to do the following 3 simple steps:
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???? After experiencing the procedure, please remember to evaluate and check in at Mam
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Hoa Hoa Lan branch: 69 Hoa Lan, P2, Q. Phu Nhuan
☎️: 0917 311 318
Bình Binh Thanh Branch: 135/47 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District
☎️: 0917 75 75 09
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