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????????Integrating 5 discount packages in a single package. Delight in choosing a body care routine that suits each person’s needs. Only with # 399k, guests will be selected 1 of 5 service packages:
???? Combo Face + shampoo 12 steps 75p: Helps to communicate, relax the mind. Smooth face skin, shiny black hair borrow. In addition, in this procedure, guests will also receive head and shoulder massage to reduce fatigue.
????Massage Hot Stone detoxification + sauna: Detoxify the whole body and energize the feet after the busy days. Hot stone body massage helps the body relax, relaxed soul, dispels fatigue, blood circulation helps calm the mind.
ẶtSingle White Face of Royal Palace White: No wonder why the Royal Palace Face is loved by so many customers, 70 herbs of Eastern Eastern Medicine, the purest, no dust, no sulfur combined so Mask type amazing white skin care that more than 3 years ago made her sobbing!
Ắm White Body Body Snail Essence: The only three factors for the WHITE shower course that are only available at the sprout are: DO NOT SHAKE – DO NOT SKIN SKIN – NO INJECTION – NO CHEMICAL. Is extracted from 100% essence of snails, white body bath Bach Nhat Hong will give guests skin Pink white, youthful and beautiful
ĐôngTerminal Acne Treatment: With a closed process of squeezing acne. No Swelling – No Pain – No Redness. Squeezing at the sprout is guaranteed to decrease right from the first use
To enjoy the offer, guests only need to do the following 3 simple steps:
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???? After experiencing the procedure, please remember to evaluate and check in at Mam
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