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Away from the noisy town, the guests of Mam spread themselves in an idyllic and peaceful place, born from the heart of natural souls to each service, the germ exploited the essence of nature, dishes Great gift of creator giving you beauty, health and safety

Standing among the concerns of the market overflowing with chemicals, rice germs like a breeze between the hot summer day, with a love of career, the germ continues to maintain the motto. Fairness for the Spouses.

Grow every day to improve the value of service, maintain the mission of Love Nature, No Get Tip to develop goals, to return to the Ghost is to relax and enjoy peace of mind

Mam Gao Spa – Loving Yourself From Idyllic Things

Diverse styles at each branch bring guests to the most interesting spaces and great experiences.


Facial Care

Body Care

Couple Care

Special Care


Mam's branches

Phu Nhuan Branch

Mầm Phú Nhuận có mặt tại địa chỉ:

> 69 Hoa Lan: retro style with a bit of nostalgia mixed with old Saigon souls, giving customers a little nostalgia and relaxed relaxing space, this is the most favorite branch of customers

Thao Dien Branch

Mam Thao Dien is located in an extremely peaceful area – 4 Nguyen Ba Huan, Thao Dien, District 2. It sounds quite far away but the traffic is very convenient, just across the Saigon Bridge is to get to Mam. The area here is quiet, not too far from the city center, with both Vietnamese and the foreigner, so it reminds a few rustic decor that is very suitable for the environment there. ^^

Wishper with Mam

Great Service

Bui Thi Phuong Thao

Just finished the basic course for facial skin, feeling the skin light and smooth. I like it very much. When finished, you have to eat dessert. Ah, I like the brown rice flavor of MAM hihi (At Phu Nhuan Branch).

I was impressed

Thỏ Con Melody

For the first time to MG, I was very impressed with the cozy atmosphere, the mild scent here. But that’s just the outside to know how the MG owner knows how to decorate the spa. The inside to know if it is a good spa, a place that can go on long-term relaxation depends on the attitude of the staff. I must say that I really like the professional attitude of the staff here. From the receptionist (Thuy vs baby Quynh. When I was familiar with my friends, I called them to my friends KTV. You were happy, friendly, your massage skills were quite good. Free tip but still very timely. One time, notice very clearly the time (the first time it felt strange, so I tried the time.) There is a snack at the end of each time, I like it very much (the owner understands the psychology very much. After massage is often very hungry, but many spas only have tea, especially the most I like about MG is that you receive comments or suggestions honestly and it is important to know how to change. to some extent, but if you don’t listen to the customers’ opinions and change, over time the customer will not come back either, but there are still some shortcomings but I think MG like this is already I hope MG will grow more and more and maintain its performance in customers’ hearts

Perfect Thai Massage

Hồng Trần Thu

Today I booked General Thai massage cause exhausted day. Pressure on back and shoulder is perfect. Must try for a tired day.